Safety & Quality Above All.

For over 10 years, PEGGY11 has developed innovative solutions for pets in eating and drinking, such as nonslip stainless steel pet bowls, metal slow feeders, stainless steel lick pads for pets, etc.

Nowadays, More and more companies are willing to spend a lot of money on marketing, such as launching ads on TV, radio, social media influencers, etc. and then pass the cost to consumers.

But we don’t. Why? First of all, As a family-owned small business, we don’t have so much budget for marketing. If we do so, we have to use inferior materials to build products. However, We would never sacrifice product quality or pets’ safety for the pursuit of profit as we are pet owners and lovers, as you guys do. Our principle will always be “Safety and Quality Above All.”

Loving pets as family❤

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